The central embankment of Gelendzhik follows the outlines of the bay, around which the city is located. On one side it is bounded by Tolstiy (Thick) Cape, on the other by the Tonkiy (Thin ) Cape, the total length of the embankment is 14 km. 

It is a beautiful, well-thought-out place for recreation. The well-kept promenade, separated from the sea by snow-white balustrades, neat alleys, fountains, sculptures and abundant greenery. During the day it's an ideal place to escape from the scorching sun, strolling with an ice cream or a lemonade in the shade of relict pitsunde pines, cypresses and plane trees. 

The main cafes, restaurants, stores, discos and entertainments of Gelendzhik are concentrated near the waterfront. In the evenings, when the embankment is decorated by millions of lights, and the music calls from all the sides, the resort atmоsphere is felt especially clearly. 

The promenade is a 3-minute walk from the hotel.

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